White Labelling (WL)

  • Enhance Student Employability.
  • ‘Distinctive Factor’ among other Colleges.
  • Help in improving NAAC Rating for College.
  • Reduce the burden of Marketing cost for institutions.
  • An additional source of Revenue for college.


Major Benefits to Institution:

  • More Student Acquisition.
  • Additional Source of Revenue for Institution.
  • Improved Employability, Creditability & Brand Recall.
  • Helps in improving NAAC rating.
  • Reduce placement burden with the entrepreneurial route as a career.
  • Co-branding Digital & Print media Branding support.
  • 5 days EAE event on Campus with Dr. Bindra & Billionaire professors.

Core Benefits to Student:

  • Dual Qualification for students.
  • Increased Resume Weightage & Improved Employability Quotient.
  • A unique ‘Campus to Corporate’ program to be industry-ready Talent.
  • Advantage of Special Pricing.
  • Experiential Real World case studies, Scenarios & Strategies by top business tycoons who have built Billion Dollar businesses.


  • Co-Branding with Bada Business, Dr. Vivek Bindra & Billionaire Professors.
  • Customized Content on Entrepreneurship & Skill Building with Personalized LMS & Technology.
  • Personalized Performance Tracking Dashboard.
  • Service Centre support to learners.
  • Online Career Counseling Webinars.
  • Personal Visit of Dr. Vivek Bindra to Institution.
  • Co-Branded Certificate with Billionaire Professor’s branding.