Independent Business Consultant (IBC)

An Independent Business Consultant or IBC is a person who can go on to earn a certain amount of commission on consulting and giving reference to the products & courses of Bada Business Pvt Ltd.

  • Start your business with a very low investment.
  • Get access to the EAE program worth ₹36000/-
  • No limit on your Earning.
  • Lifetime learning with Dr. Vivek Bindra and Billionaire Tycoons.
  • Create an Additional Source of Income.
  • A business model which is growing even in the recession.
  • Work Full-Time or Part-Time according to your convenience.
  • Tech support – CRM, Bada Business App, CMS, and LMS.
  • Commission Pay-out: 4 times in a month.
  • Ease of doing business.


An Independent Business Consultant (IBC) is a person, who works with Bada Business to help every Individual’s, Business, Startup’s Entrepreneurs, Wannapreneurs, Working Professionals and Students to grow in their career and to grow their business by giving Bada Business products & courses in the market for a certain amount of commission.


  • Start your business with a very low investment.
  • No limit on your earning.
  • Lifetime learning from Dr Vivek Bindra and Billionaire Tycoons.
  • Get access to the BCP (Business Coaching Program) worth Rs.42,900/- for free.
  • Create an additional source of income.
  • A business model which is growing even in a recession.
  • Work part-time or full time as you please.
  • Ease of doing business.
  • Tech Support – CRM, Bada Business App, CMS and LMS.
  • Handholding Support: From HO and Channel Partner.
  • Commission Pay-out: 4 times in a month.


A dedicated IBC Manager is assigned to IBC. IBC Manager helps IBC’s close the deals easily, provides support, guidance, and handholds IBCs on a wide range of daily requirements.

  • Coaching and Training on Product.
  • Seminars – Customer meetings.
  • Sales Calls.
  • I do you see/ You do I see.
  • Lead Funnel Management.
  • Campaign support.


  • Start earning from your first sale.
  • No capping of commission, earn as much as you can.
  • Increase in commission % at every slab.
  • Opportunity to earn 40% commission on 5 Lakh+ revenue.
  • Code Reversal Amount = Rs. 45,000 worth of digital product inventory. Opportunity to recover the initial investment.
  • IBCs earn Code Reversal + commission on the monthly revenue. (Max. lifetime Code Reversal Amount INR 45,000)
  • All digital product sales considered for code reversal
  • Conditions:
    • 25% of monthly commissionable sales revenue is considered for code reversal.
    • To avail entire 45,000 code reversal in the same calendar month, min. commissionable sales = 1,80,000/-
    • Maximum 6 months are allowed for code reversal.